SALA at Saint Ignatius Art Show

The South Australian Living Artist festival (SALA) program was released on Saturday. We are proud to be Exhibition number 120, you can find us in the program on page 12.

We are delighted that six of our artists are finalists for various SALA awards, and of those, three won their respective awards! You can see the list of finalists and winners on page 5 of the program.

Many of our Artists have separate SALA exhibitions. If you find the SALA program just a bit overwhelming, why not start at Saint Ignatius Art Show, where you can have a good overview of what SALA has to offer and then make a decision about where to go next?

Many of artists will be present to demonstrate and chat with you, and there will be music and a cafe. A wonderful place to have a great SALA experience!

SALA  Award Finalists in Saint Ignatius Art Show 2013

The Advertiser Business SA Contemporary Art Prize

Alex Carletti

Sally Parnis

Adelaide Central School of Art Professional Development Award

Therese Williams (Winner)

JamFactory Award

Sonja Clark

Anna Small

OZ Minerals Copper Sculpture Award

Anna Small            (Winner)

Warren Pickering (Winner)

SALAbrushlogo tag_2013_Blue

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