Have you ever wanted to create an artwork with Dickens, Dickinson, Dick, Dante, Drabble, Defoe, Durrell, Deaver or Dahl or maybe someone from the next index card?

Well here’s your chance.

Art and Libraries are a match made in wainscoting, avenues of shelves, and the beloved Dewy system heaven. Tight buns stuck with pencils, slick suits and hounds tooth blazers, an audience of captive imaginations and the only noise is the turning of a page or the awkward squeak of the returns trolley.

Saint Ignatius Art Show’s small works installation is entering its third year. It is a highly anticipated aspect of the Saint Ignatius Art Show.

You are invited to contribute to this unique installation.

This year we supply you with a small (200mm x 150mm ish) old hard cover book.

Your task is to imagine and then create the “SHHHHH it’s a library” artwork made or influenced by said book before the due date stamped in the back.

Use the book as a point of departure for a 2 or 3 dimensional work. Cut, paint, write, collage, build or burn your book into a work for sale in the 2017 Saint Ignatius Art Show’s small works installation.

All works are donated by the Artist in lieu of the Art Show exhibiting fee, and will be sold for $80 with proceeds going to the school.

There will be a prize for the best Artwork in the installation, judged by the Sponsor.

Non exhibiting Artists are eligible to enter.

Get to work but remember……

“SHHHHH……it’s a library.”


“You cannot open a book without learning something.” Confucius

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