2017 In Anticipation…


The Saint Ignatius Art Show is proud to support existing and emerging South Australian artists. 2017 is set to be a collection of diverse art in  a variety of modalities and styles.

Many artists are keen to promote their work and give us all a glimpse of what we can hope to see on August the 11th on Opening Night.

There will be additions made to this page regularly, so feel free to visit often to see what will be on display to delight our senses…

Click on the names and you will connect to the artists page.

Altschwager, Pamela

Ayliffe, Nicole

Barker, Elodie

Barr Tina

Barr, Mike

Bell, Nerida

Black, Angela

Boettcher, Sue

Butler, Liz

Button, Cathy

Clark, Sonja

Cooper, Melanie

Danby, Lyndy

Darling, Juniper

Diakomichalis, Rhonda

Diakos, Sarina


Dodd, Peter

Duffy, Colleen

Durant, Cindy

Eakins, Sylvia

Emerson, Robert

Everuss, Trena

George, Jonathan

Goldsmith, Sally

Greet, Jane

Griffin, Frances

Howlett, Elizabeth

Khor, Emmeline

Kingdon, Marlene

Lacey, John

Lane, Janice

Lapsys, Annabel

Laundy, Greta

Lee, Lindy

Little, Heather

Lockery, Suzie

Losada, Lisa

Main, Alison

Marsh, Andrew

Martinsen, Kirsty

McDonald, Sarah

McEwan, Rebecca

Morgenstern, Monica

Moy, Maggie

Moyle, Sonya

Nydegger, Natasha

Parham, Judy

Parish, Andrew

Poulson, Joanna

Richards, Malcolm

Richards, Pauline

Rolevink, Judith

Ross, Tricia

Sabey, Jane

Serwan, Peter

Shaw, Tim

Slape Phillips, Margaret

Spurgin, Marc

Tomkins, Dan

Wagner, Ann

Walford, Angela

Whitney, John

Whittemore, Rebecca

Williams, Therese

Wills, Laura

Wojciak, Elizabeth