Artists and Images 2017


Our Fabulous Artists are starting to send us some images. It is starting to get exciting. Although we want to keep you informed of how the Art Show is progressing, the real surprises will be on Opening Night Friday 11th August 2017.

Tickets are on sale now [HERE].

Keep checking in to have a preview of the marvellous works you will see at the Saint Ignatius Art Show.

Artist images and statements will be posted under 2017 In Anticipation tab above.

Make sure you keep in touch with the Saint Ignatius Art Show;

Instagram  @saintignatiusartshow #saintignatiusartshow


Saint Ignatius College, Adelaide



Contributing Artists Collage: top left, Malcolm Richards “Toward a lighter heart”; top left, Alison Main “Moon Passage”; lower left, Liz Butler, “Walk a Fine Line”; lower right, Mike Barr, “Franklin Rain”.



“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you:

I am here to live out loud.”

― Émile Zola

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