The Littlest Big Top – Artist Information


Invitation to collaborate in “The Littlest Big Top”, and be eligible to


 Artists are invited to donate a work or works for inclusion in the Installation “The Littlest Big Top”

All participating Artist will be acknowledged in the exhibition and in the catalogue.

All works will be eligible for the “best small work” prize.

The works should adhere to the following criteria:

All works will be 200mm x 150mm (or 200mm x 150mm x 200mm if 3D)

Artists can collect from us a standard 150mm x 200mm x 6mm mdf support for the work.
Artists may supply their own support, but the size must be 150mm x 200mm
Works can be in any medium: photography, drawing, painting, fabric, printmaking etc. Sculpture will be included and should be a similar size.
The work should give consideration to the theme “The Littlest Big Top”
Artists may submit multiple entries.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this exciting installation. It is a chance for you to show how creative you can be, help our school, and reach a wide audience.

 It will be fun – and yours might be the winning Small Work!

For information and entry forms, please email me at or telephone on 0408 835 132

Sally Parnis


Saint Ignatius Art Show 2015

Basic CMYK


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