2013 Feature Artist

Our featured Artist for 2013 is Lucy Turnbull.

Lucy Turnbull studied at Adelaide Central School of Art and graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Art, Honours in 2010. Recent exhibitions include ‘A View of A Room’ at Adelaide Central Gallery and ‘Wonder Fall’ at Hill Smith Gallery.
Lucy has held five solo exhibitions, including one in Melbourne and participated in a number of group exhibitions in Adelaide. She has received two Professional and Development Grants from the South Australian Youth Arts Board and a grant from Helpmann Academy. In 2007, she was awarded the Cibo Emerging Artist Prize and the Ed Tweddel Studio Prize 2006.

“My brothers have been a major focus of my artistic practice. Previously they appeared as sculptures or painted figures, tender portraits of human relationships. 
My new work marks a shift from the figure to the “moving life”, a portrait of a room that evolves as the space gets lived in, moved around, and occupied. The haphazard placement of objects and clothing strewn about the room provides a busy still life to capture in marks and measurements.

As the light changes through the day, and the week gives into the weekend, this panoramic view of connected floor boards, offcuts from the newly laid floor of the room, click and slide into view.”

“Panel 1”, Charcoal on paper, 98cm x 33cm

“Panel 3” , Charcoal on paper, 98cm x 38cm

Header image: Lucy Turnbull, “Cats’s Cradle” 2006, Oil on canvas, 40cm x 60cm (detail)

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