The Cabinet of Curiosities

The Cabinet of Curiosities is an exciting Collaboration between the Artists and our installation Artist James Parker.

Small original art works will be donated by the artists to make up this installation – and each will be available for sale at a very reasonable price.


A Cabinet of curiosities historically is a collection compiled (generally but not exclusively by wealthy men) of artistic, cultural, architectural, historic and natural artefacts collected on their travels and displayed either in small cabinets (cupboards) or in designated rooms within their homes.

Our Cabinet is an art installation.  An environment that is at the same time one work of art and a collection of works, not unlike a coral reef where many parts make up a beautiful interesting, curious whole.

The committee has supplied participating artists with a small frame, a piece of Hahnemule (cotton) paper and a few guidelines such as; it should be curious, it should include text, it does not need to be two dimensional – from these guidelines they were free to interpret and make a work of art.

These artists are kindly donating their art.

We will be using our cabinet as a showcase and sales room for small, curious affordable works of art, all work within the Cabinet will be for sale for $80.

Come to the cabinet and get your curiosity piqued.

James Parker.

Installation Artist, Saint Ignatius Art Show 2013

“The Cabinet of Curiosities” is proudly sponsored by

TravelExtralogoTravel Extra / Heavenly Honeymoons
Shop 27 Sefton Plaza Shopping Centre
225 Main North Road

3 Responses to The Cabinet of Curiosities

  1. Jenny Allport says:

    Hi James / Sally?? don’t know who I am talking to.

    I was wondering where the frames for the Cabinet of Curiosities came from? This exhibit has stuck in my brain since the show and now I would like to make my own collection, using stuff I pick up from the beach etc. From memory some of them were box frames and others were ‘normal’ ones.



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