The Littlest Big Top

Sponsored by Little Creatures



Perambulate, peregrinate, peruse and partake your way betwixt and between pictures, paintings and paraphernalia of a pernicious, precipitous, pretty, perpendicular and prehensile nature.

Watch and marvel as our dare devil Artists follow in the hallowed foot of Alexander Calder’s wire circus, Picasso’s rose period, Watteau’s clowns both joyful and sad, Chagall’s trapeze twirling and dangling dancers and Seurat’s balancing acrobats on horseback.

$80 will allow a veracious, voluptuous, versatile, and very visual artistic experience into your home; a worthy addition to your walls, halls and sideboards. Our death defying artists have made works on 200 x 150mm boards, yours to grab for less than the price of a circus ticket.

A truly democratic demonstration in artistry and arts by the assembled artists of main event along with others of an artistic nature.

We wish to thank all the participants very much for their generosity.

Beware of imitations

Only true and of value at the Saint Ignatius 2015 Art Show.

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